Paseo del Río at Taylor Yard

The Paseo del Río at Taylor Yard is a joint effort of the 100 Acre Partnership (City of Los Angeles, California State Parks and the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority). The Paseo del Rio at Taylor Yard will include a one-mile public use greenway, an entry plaza and a water quality improvement wetland that supports natural habitat. Paseo del Rio runs along the river's edge on both the G1 and G2 parcels.

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Taylor Yard Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridge Project

The distinctive, orange steel bridge will connect the Elysian Valley community to the planned Taylor Yard G2 River Park on the east side of the LA River. The bridge is designed for bike and pedestrian use, is 400 feet long and will be supported by abutments and a concrete pier in the center of the river.

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Taylor Yard Water Quality Improvements Project

The Proposition O Water Quality Improvements Project (Project) will be completed concurrently with the Paseo del Rio Project and is part of the first project of the newly constituted 100 Acre Partnership to be completed on Taylor Yard.

Phyto Myco Remediation Study

The 100 Acre Partnership is collaborating with the University of California Riverside to test a soil clean up method at the G2 Parcel at Taylor Yard. This study will include the use of native plants and fungi to test their effectiveness to remediate the soil at Taylor Yard. Click here to view a presentation on the study.

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Rio de Los Angeles State Park Fields Maintenance Improvements Project

The Rio de Los Angeles State Park Fields Maintenance Improvements Project (Project) will include renovation of the three existing fields located at the south end of the Rio de Los Angeles State Park. The three existing fields will be remade to include synthetic and natural turf soccer and American football fields.


Community Taylor Yard Equity Strategy (Community TYES)

The 100-Acre Partnership at Taylor Yard requests expressions of interest from organizations and individuals to help lead development of a Community TYES. The project aims to identify potential community effects that may result from the open space investment at Taylor Yard.

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The Bowtie - Rio de Los Angeles State Park

With early planning efforts getting started for several projects on and adjacent to the Bowtie, California State Parks is launching a community listening and engagement process as a critical next step in moving the Bowtie vision forward.

Taylor Yard G2 River Park Project Final Draft Implementation Feasibility Report (IFR)

The Implementation Feasibility Report (or pre-design report) is a study of the 42-acre brownfield designated as the G2 Parcel at Taylor Yard. The purpose of the IFR to assess the potential and challenges at the site and will assist in determining next steps.